Top reasons to visit Kerala during the rainy season

Monsoon has hit the coasts of Kerala and will be there until September. Kerala looks its best during this season. There are some disadvantages to visiting Kerala during the monsoon reason. You will be forced to stay indoors for at least a few hours every day. There are several advantages as well.

So why should one visit Kerala during the rainy reason which runs from June to September?

It doesn’t rain incessantly


The sound of the rain falling on the tile or straw roofs is simply the most soothing of all sounds. Listen to it while you are in Kerala during the rainy season.

Kerala has two rainy seasons. The first one (south-west monsoon) runs between June and September. The second one lasts only a couple of weeks in late October or early November. Thanks to the unique topography of the state, rains do not normally cause flooding. Water drains fast and you will be able to go about your routine without much difficulty. It will rain for an hour or so and then the sun will peep from behind the clouds. It will rain again a few hours later and this cycle repeat. That is the beauty of India’s famed monsoon season – it never brings life to a standstill. The south-west monsoon is safe and thunder and lightning aren’t common during this time.

Clean and green

Kerala is unarguably the greenest state in India. Actually, this green cover remains intact even during the summer season. And when the rains arrive, this greenery will literally explode. Wherever you look, green is the only color you find. Visit the tea gardens in Munnar or spice gardens in High Range. The lush greenery and the enchanting aroma that surround these places will make your Kerala holiday an unforgettable experience.

Less expensive

Waterfalls in Kerala. Waterfalls in Kerala look their best during monsoons.

Waterfalls in Kerala. Waterfalls in Kerala look their best during monsoons.

Kerala is not exactly a cheap destination but it becomes less expensive during the rainy season. You will be able to get about 30% discounts on rooms. Kerala’s high season runs between September and March. You will be able to find some good deals on backwater houseboats too. So come and bargain.

The sound of the rain

There is nothing more romantic than the sound of the rain falling on tile roofs. It never rains all day, but there will be several downpours a couple of hours apart. Stay inside and listen to the rain pounding the roofs. It is an unforgettable experience. The smell of the first rain is quite enticing too.

Celebrate Onam


The making of pookkalam (flower carpet) is the most enjoyable aspect of Onam celebrations. Every Hindu family prepares a pookkalam in front of their home on all the ten days of Onam.

Onam is the biggest festival of Kerala. Although it is a Hindu festival, it has acquired a secular nature over the years. Muslims and Christians also celebrate this festival with equal fervor. Onam is a ten day festival which falls in August or September. Numerous cultural programs are organized all over Kerala during this season. These include Vallamkali (snake boat race), Pulikali (tiger dance), Thiruvathirakkali (a dance form performed by women), Kummattikkali (a folk dance form) and Kathakali (a visual art form). Hotels and resorts organize special Onam celebrations for tourists. If you are lucky you will get a chance to make a pookkalam (flower rangoli) or perform Thiruvathirakkali with local women.

Rejuvenate yourself with Ayurveda

Spice garden kumily kerala

The hills and forests of Kerala abound in herbs and medicinal plants. During your Kerala trip, be sure to visit the spice gardens found all over the state.

Kerala is the wellness capital of India. The Western Ghats which run parallel to the state abound in Ayurvedic herbs and medicinal plants. Monsoon is a great time to rejuvenate your body with Ayurvedic treatments. During this period the air is damp and less dusty. Since the pores of the skin open up during this time, the body becomes more receptive to Ayurvedic massages and herbal oils. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine. It can treat a variety of illnesses from insomnia to arthritis. Ayurvedic treatments are non-invasive and involve the use of various oils and herbal medicines. Head to Kerala this rainy season to rejuvenate your body and mind.

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