Skiing in Kashmir

If you love snow, now is the time to visit Kashmir. In Kashmir the snowfall starts in December and lasts until March. The state turns into a lovely snowy paradise during this season.


Gulmarg is the most popular skiing destination in India. It is a town and a hill station and attract tens of thousands of skiing enthusiasts each other.

Winters in other parts of the country are much less severe than those in Kashmir. Here water bodies freeze and icicles hang from roofs in winter. It gets terribly cold, but if you love snow, winter is the best time to visit Kashmir.

Tourists can book their stay in a hotel or houseboat. Make sure that it is centrally heated. Some hotels or houseboats are heated with a special Kashmiri stove called ‘bukharis’.

What to do in Kashmir?

In winter skiing is the most popular activity in Kashmir. It is for the adventurous and it provides ample amounts of fun, excitement and adrenaline rush. Also, when you ski in the Himalayas, you may get a glimpse of the mighty mountains. Gulmarg is the most popular skiing destination in Kashmir. It is close to Srinagar. Gulmarg also has the highest green golf course in India.

In March, the Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Department is organizing a snow festival lasting two days. Visitors will get to indulge in skiing and snow cycling.

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