River Souparnika

River Souparnika figures prominently among the holy rivers of India. It flows through the Kundapur Taluk in the South Indian state of Karnataka.

Souparnika Temple

For Hindus Souparnika is a holy river because it flows near the Mookambika Temple. The river originates from Kodachadri Hills which forms the pristine backdrop for the temple.

For millions of devotees of Maa Durga, Souparnika is a holy river because it flows near the venerated Mookambika Temple of Adi Parashakti in Kollur.

How the river got its name?

According to legends, an eagle called Suparna performed penance on the banks of this river and attained Moksha (salvation). That is how the river got its name Souparnika. Since the river flows through dense forests rich in medicinal plants during most of its course, its water has healing properties.

Mookambika Temple was established by Adi Shankaracharya, exponent of the Adwaita (all that exists is one) philosophy. One of the most famous Durga temples in the country, the temple attracts thousands of devotees every day. Here the Goddess is worshipped in her three forms – Maha Kali (in the morning), Maha Lakshmi (at noon) and Maha Saraswathi in the evening. The temple sees a considerable influx of pilgrims during Navratri.

Souparnika has two main tributaries – Agni Tirtha and Kashi Tirtha. Both of them originate from the Kodachadri Mountains and meet each other at Sangama in Kollur. From here onwards the two streams assume the name Souparnika. While Agni Tirtha flows through the Kollur village, Kashi Tirtha comes straight from the dense forests and is known for its pure water with medicinal properties. Souparnika flows through the Mookambika wildlife sanctuary for about 20 kilometers.

How to reach Kollur?

Kollur is about 135 kilometers from Mangalore. It is well-connected to all major cities and towns in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

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