Pambadi Nagaraja Temple

The Naga Raja Temple at Pambadi, Thiruvillwamala is one of the most important serpent temples in Palakkad district. There are no idols here.

While this is a temple dedicated to the Serpent god, the Navaratri celebrations here are famous all over Kerala. Children from all over Kerala participate in the Vidyarambam ceremony performed here on Vijayadashami. It is believed that children who are initiated into learning in the holy presence of Nagaraja will be blessed with exceptional creative and writing skills.

The temple performs special Pujas on the 8th (Ashtami), 9th (Navami) and 10th (Vijayadashami) day of Navaratri (October 2nd to October 11th 2016)

Students who visit the temple on Vijayadashami for Darshan are given ‘Mahasaraswatha Khrutham’ ghee. Once the ghee is prepared, the priest will recite the special Vidya Gopala Mantra and then offer it to Naga Raja. This ghee is then offered to children to improve their intellectual skills. Here the Vidyarambam ceremony is performed by well-known writers and cultural leaders.

Special pujas are performed on Vijayadashami and they start with the Vidya Ganapathi Homam (a special puja involving fire performed with the objective of winning the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom).

Parents who would like to have their children’s Vidyarambam ceremony performed at the Pambadi Naga Raja Temple can call the numbers 9747338558, 04884 – 283324 for registration.

How to reach Pampady Nagaraja Temple

Address – Pambady Pampumkavu Temple, Pambady, Thiruvilwamala, Thrissur District, Kerala, India PIN: 680597. The Contact Nos. of the temple is: 0488 4283324 or 9446234952.

The temple can be reached from Thrissur by bus.

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