Mulayam Parambu Pooram (Chalissery Pooram)

The spectacular Mulayam Parambu Pooram brings the entire Valluvanad region to the premises of the Mulayam Parambu Bhagavati Temple at Chalissery, Koottanad.

Mulayam Parambu Pooram

Elephants are the biggest highlight of Kerala’s temple festivals. They enthrall the spectators with their sheer size, majestic looks and graceful manners.

On the day of the festival, the temple organizes special poojas and offerings in the morning. The pooram processions begin in the afternoon. Braving the hot sun, thousands of devotees and revelers start proceeding towards the temple accompanied by drumbeats and loud cheers. The processions literally paint the streets all shades of the rainbow.

The Pooram procession organized by the Mulayam Parambu temple begins with five festooned elephants at noon. One of them carries the replica of the Goddess. The festivities officially begin with this procession. Once this procession ends, colorful poorams (processions) from neighboring areas of Chalissery start proceeding towards the temple. As many as 23 villages participate in the festival.

Mulayam Parambu Pooram (Chalissery Pooram)The processions that they bring to the temple have festooned elephants, decorated bull effigies and percussion artists. In addition, artists performing various traditional art forms like Theyyam, Poothan and Thira accompany these processions. When they all assemble at the spacious premises of the temple, they create a splendid sight with no parallels. Over 40 elephants participate in this festival.

After the deeparadhana (worship involving fire), the traditional temple orchestra involving various percussion and wind instruments is organized. The celebrations continue late into the night with hundreds of revelers dancing to the tunes of shingari melam (another form of temple orchestra).

Mulayam Parambu Pooram is a real treat to the eyes – a brilliant spectacle that will remain etched in your memory for ever.


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