Sabarimala Pilgrimage Season to Begin on November 16

Another Mandalam season is here. Starting November 16, devotees will start flocking to Sabarimala seeking the darshan of their favorite deity [...]

Thali Sree Mahaganapathi Temple, Ongallur

The Mahaganapathi Temple at Ongallur is one of the 32 Thali temples in Kerala. The date of origin of the temple is not known but it is widely regarded as one [...]

Thirumittacode Anju Moorthy Temple

Uyyavandha Perumal Temple at Thirumittacode is one of the oldest temples in Kerala. It is about 4 kilometers from Pattambi, a small town in the Palakkad [...]

Pambadi Nagaraja Temple

The Naga Raja Temple at Pambadi, Thiruvillwamala is one of the most important serpent temples in Palakkad district. There are no idols here. While this is a [...]

Thiruvazhiyodu Shiva Temple

Thiruvazhiyodu Shiva Temple at Sreekrishnapuram is one of the most important temples in the Palakkad district of Kerala. This temple is older than 1000 [...]

Karimpuzha Sree Rama Swami Temple | Dakshina Ayodhya

The Sree Rama Swami Temple on the banks of Karimpuzha at Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad district is famous as the Ayodhya of the South. The presiding deity is [...]

Manniyampathur Saraswathi Temple | Temples of Kerala

The Saraswati Temple at Manniyampathur is one of the oldest temples in Palakkad district. It is also famous as the only Saraswathi Temple in the Malabar region [...]

Most Famous Durga Temples in India

There are numerous Durga Mata temples in India. Visiting one or more of these temples during Navaratri is highly auspicious. Durga is the true manifestation [...]

Shree Rama Swami Temple at Triprayar

The Yadava dynasty to which Lord Krishna belonged perished 36 years after the Mahabharata war due to infighting. At around the same time Krishna left for his [...]

10 Must-see temples in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the land of temples. The state has over 33000 temples and many of them are older than 3500 years. These temples are excellent specimens of the [...]